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Thread: network/internet connection

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    Default network/internet connection

    I've upgraded to SB160, however when I attempt to install on a system that has booted into safe mode - OR - a system that is not on a network (or connected to the internet), SB 160 refuses to do anything.

    I do not remember this from SB141 and find it very odd. Maybe I missed something, but I think scanning off net and/or in safe mode is the way to go most times.

    What's going on? What did I miss.

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    drx11, are you attempting to "Download Updates Immediately" during the Spybot-Search&Destroy installation setup?

    There should be no problems with Spybot during installation, and no problems with it accessing the Internet either. Spybot-Search&Destroy will not access the Internet unless you instruct it to Update.

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