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Thread: Good Support and BAD Support

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    Angry Good Support and BAD Support

    Just survived a hellish 12 hours.

    Computer was blinking bad websites not selected ... like a virus.
    Checks and scans with MacAfee sad there was no problem with my new Dell.

    Downloaded Spybot and it found it!! Virtumonde.dll infection with trojans!!! YIKES ...

    Spybot could not seem to fix it but it FOUND IT!
    The more I used the computer the worse it got while trying to solve it.

    Tried Dell Support (I PAID FOR 3 year SUPPORT IT) and they SUCKED ... I mean REALLY CLUELESSLY SUCKED ... they did not have a clue over there in India! The itiots only had one solution: reformat the machine!

    I Got Dell to hand me off to MacAfee CHAT and they were more clueless about viruses than Dell!!! I was appalled... "do you even know what the hell I am talking about virtumonde ... ??? Blank! There solution was as stupid unload their usually defective software and reload it to solve the bug.

    I finally caved and called my ANSWERS BY GATEWAY SUPPORT ACCOUNT LINE, and they worked WITH me for four hours ... they got me to the Advanced Spybot ... almost worked, but one pesky file kept cycling back. Finally they fixed the browser and we went to and ran thier fix it engine.... WALLAH Thank You Gateway and Spybot and MalwareByte becuase the computer (and all my hard work and loaded program files got SAVED!!!!!

    Thank You Spybot and BOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo to Dell, MacAfee and the really piss-poor team support they run. They really DO SUCK on support .... They should not call what they do support ... it should be called warranty service expense control department.... how to politely give your customers in need the Finger!

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    Mcafee? The free anti-virus software called Stinger? If that is the case, it is really not a good anti-virus program as i think its detections database has not been updating for quite a long time.

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    Default No no ... the Highly distributed MacAfee Solution

    I was MaAfee Antivirus (new version) that failed for virtumonde. It is a second seller in box stores, right behind Norton Anit Virus.


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    Sorry to hear of your troubles.
    At the moment anti-virus programs such as McAfee and Norton are focused on Viruses and viral infections, not malware infections. Virtumonde is a malware/spyware infection, thus may result in pop-ups/ads to "bad" websites.

    MBAM has good support and can remove Virtumonde (so does Spybot-Search&Destroy). You may want to disconnect your computer from the Internet and scan with Spybot and MBAM in Safe Mode (provided with the latest definitions and updates).

    Anti-Virus programs are still on their first steps in detecting spyware along with viruses (effective), such as AVG, avast!, and maybe Kaspersky. AVG and avast! I'm sure they detect spyware along with it.
    Glad you enjoyed such a wonderful program.

    Stay protected and safe surfing.

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