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Thread: Immunization and Seamonkey

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    Default Immunization and Seamonkey

    I apologize if I overlooked a thread that offers a solution to this, but after browsing the forums for a while, I didn't really find a solution.

    I have the latest SpyBot and Seamonkey, running WinXP Pro SP2.
    Spybot doesn't seem to be able to immunize Seamonkey files. I've had this problem for months, even after a couple of reinstallations of the entire system. It immunizes everything else just fine, it does display Seamonkey files that are left unprotected but it won't immunize them. I use Seamonkey as my secondary browser, Firefox being the primary, and I don't have either open nor do I have Seamonkey as quick launch, so neither are active during immunization. Which leaves me confused as to why Seamonkey files cannot be immunized.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've never had Seamonkey myself,so hard to check things out for you.But,I found this post:
    You could see if the last post by ME 2& helps.

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