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Thread: Virtumonde, Win32.Qhost.abh, Vundo trojan issues

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    Thanks for all of your help. Thanks for the links. I always like to read tips on software and preventative measures.

    - I removed ComboFix.
    - I cleaned/re-enabled System Restore.
    - Symantec scanned clean.
    - I also disabled some startup programs. (Somewhere along the way while cleaning computer, they were all checked again, even the ones I previously disabled.)

    * Note for Symantec users: by default, there's an automatic QuickScan that runs on bootup. I disabled that for now since it lagged the system a lot. That's what was lagging it. (When I upgrade the memory at some point I will re-enable the scan.)

    - I also enabled TeaTimer, installed SpywareBlaster, and upgraded to IE7 (along with the latest Firefox). It should be ok to have TeaTimer and SpywareBlaster running, right? If anything, I might notice some performance issues and can disable one. (I've heard TT can be a lag, sometimes.)

    So, that's the good news... malware free!

    The bad news, however, is that I was creating a new account on the computer with admin rights, and made my main account limited access. I was having issues deleting some files in the recycle bin and then was able to purge them. HOWEVER, I think I hosed the files on my user account. :( When I logged back in, the desktop and icons were default and no files are in My Documents (under my main username, or the new one). I will have to see if I can recover that somehow.


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    Please watch for a private message...

    SpywareBlaster and TeaTimer run fine together.

    The bad news:
    Only thing I can suggest is to...

    Leave files in the Recycle Bin for a few days to be sure in the future

    Delete that user account and set up a new one, probably need to sign in as administrator to do that.

    Hope this helps...Phil
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