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Thread: Cannot Run Spybot on Computer Without Internet Connection

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    Default Cannot Run Spybot on Computer Without Internet Connection

    Hi, thank you in advance for your help.

    My computer's internet connection has been hijacked by some malware. I think spybot S & D will probably do the trick, but I am unable to use it without an internet connection. I have successfully installed the program onto my computer by downloading it on to a CD from a different computer and installing.

    However, now it says it has to "update" before it can run. I can't find anywhere on this website how to (1) download the most recent manual update to a CD, (2) install the update to my non-internet-connected computer, and (3) get the installed program to "recognize" the manual update, update itself without an internet connection and get started.

    I would greatly appreciate any help, thanks


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    The latest detection updates installer is available from the Downloads page:

    Or the direct link to the file is:

    Just run the update exe file and it will install itself - then start the Spybot program.
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