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Thread: Updating from 1.5.2

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    Default Updating from 1.5.2


    I'm considering updating 1.5.2 from within the program, from when you go to update and one of the options is to download 1.6.

    Is that recommended? Is there anything I need to know? I can't find anything here on the website about that.

    I've been using Spybot S & D as a strictly on-demand scanner only and that's how I would like it to continue. I would turn off tea timer and the IE browser helper. Immunizer would be debatable. I've run without it since using AVG 8, since I've heard they don't play nicely together.

    What's this about a right click feature with 1.6?

    Quite frankly, I have liked Spybot S & D in the past, but the fiasco with Hellzlittle spy a while back and all the trouble so many had booting into their systems really made me lose my faith and trust in Spybot and I will be doing a lot of research before I update it...IF I do. I'm not trying to be rude here, but that situation was pretty bad, you'll have to admit.

    If there is a tutorial somewhere on how to update from 1.5 to 1.6, the best way to do it, I would appreciate a link. Or if anyone has done so from within 1.5, tell me how that went...does it go smoothly, or is it better to totally uninstall the old version?


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    You can install over the old version.
    You will find links to several download locations on our website.
    These mirrors are partners who provide places to host Spybot-S&D for us.
    You can download from one of them, it's secure and they all contain the same data:
    Or choose the direct installation file.
    Please search for new updates after installing Spybot-S&D 1.6.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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    Angry Upgrading from 1.5

    I had Spybot 1.5 & was quite happy w/it. suddenly, last Wed, (I always scan on Wednesdays) I was set to scan, when 1.5 installed 1.6 for me! I had NO idea what I was doing but somehow managed to install it & I was able to scan. today, however, it installed 1.6 AGAIN! what's up w/that??????? I didn't download Spybot so I know it's not spyware,but what's going on?



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    Good evening Karen.
    Let me get this straight. Spybot-Search&Destroy will not update or upgrade for you automatically out of the blue, unless you have set it to update automatically that is. I would suggest you upgrade to Spybot-SD and continue using that, because version (latest for v.1.5) is dated.
    Read this thread about the advantages and new features about 1.6:
    You can upgrade to v.1.6 by installing over your current version or you can perform a clean upgrade by uninstall v.1.5 first and then update.

    The false positive results from AVG 8.0 has been resolved months ago, so you do not have to worry about it. Using Spybot-Search&Destroy strictly as a on-demand malware scanner with or without it's Resident Shields should have no problems co-existing with AVG.

    Spybot used to have a feature that would scan single/separate files for malware, and version 1.6 now includes that function via Windows Explorer.

    Your upgrade should go smoothly.

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