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Thread: details for 2008-11-05 update ???

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    Default details for 2008-11-05 update ???

    Normally, SpyBot lists the details of [list of targeted infections in] its updates quite promptly, on their main site, as well as in this forum under Announcements.

    It's Friday (here), and still no details on Wednesday's update.

    Is this an oversight, or a new policy (perhaps for security purposes)??

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    The description on the Downloads page has not been updated either - still shows October 29th as the latest update - however the file you get if you download has a digital sig of November 5th. Someone did the essentials by uploading the file but didn't change the link description to match.

    Therefore I doubt it is a deliberate change of policy not to post update details - just a delay updating the website with any of the Nov 5th changes. Someone gone sick or on holiday?

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    It has been updated. One possible explanation for the delay could be the Malware Removal Guides that PepiMK has been working on:

    November 5th, details:

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