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    Default system.ini

    In my startup items in spybot, there are ticked items that I am unsure whether I should leave them as they are or should I untick them. They are as follows:

    Key Value CommandLine

    System.ini crypt32chain crypt32.dll
    System.ini cryptnet cryptnet.dll
    System.ini csdll csdll.dll
    System.ini igfxcui igfxdev.dll
    System.ini ScCertProp wlnotify.dll
    System.ini Schedule wlnotify.dll
    System.ini sclgntfy sclgntfy.dll
    System.ini SensLogn wlnotify.dll
    System.ini termsrv wlnotify.dll
    System.ini wballoon wlnotify.dll

    Any advice?

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    Entries in the subkeys of the following registry key are run at system startup:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify]

    The items that you referred to are a listing of the executables in the subkeys of that registry key.

    Unless you know them to be malicious, I suggest that you leave them alone. Here's people who didn't:

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    Default system.ini

    Many thanks for your reply... otherwise I may have disabled these items and had the same problems occur as the user in the previous post. Perhaps Spybot should put in the right hand column that these system.ini startup entries are inportant for windows updates.

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