While trying to view a gallery produced by Adobe PhotoShop Album, my computer tried to download Viewpoint Media Player. I did a Google search for "Viewpoint Media Player" and came up with a mixed bag - some say it is spyware; others say it is not.

I went to the Spybot Search and Destroy site and did a search which showed that "viewpoint" was added as spyware in the 2005-0-03 update. HOWEVER, when I checked the current Spybot products list (by SETTINGS -> IGNORE PRODUCTS), I do not find "viewpoint" listed.

Either I am looking in the wrong place, or viewpoint was removed. If it was removed, a notation in the update list would be appreciated. If I am looking in the wrong place, a pointer to the right place to look would be appreciated.

So, is "viewpoint" considered spyware or malware?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Merged. -tashi