The following instructions have been created to help you to get rid of "Remote Removal Tool" manually.
Use this guide at your own risk; software should usually be better suited to remove malware, since it is able to look deeper.

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Threat Details:

  • malware

Remote Romoval tool does not appear to be able to do remote access, the documentation is too poor to make much sense about remote removal of worms or trojans.
In case the software does work properly, it would be too easy to target proper programs and services, and such a software which is made for "educational" purposes is actually very clearly made as malware.
Author and website are affiliated with other malware sites such as e-freak.
Supposed Functionality:

Remote Removal Tool v0.1 was designed to give a kind of protection to your PC or to other PCs remotely so it's able to run as a Console or hidden. It uses an encrypted removal list (created by you) to remove any file and delete its startup keys and end the process, This detection can be done by defining the process name or the file size. It's also able to check the registry startup keys directly for a specific file name to check if that name is starting up with windows. This is usually used for programs that inject .dlls and exit the process. It's also used in the same way to detect servers with specified file sizes. For example if a file is 2323 bytes, its starting up means it has a key in startup locations in the registry. Remote Removal Tool will detect the server and remove it. This is an editable Removal tool, so it can be used to remove worms, trojans etc. The kill list can be updated from time to time, because Remote Removal Tool will check for an updated list after a number of startups set by you. Remote Removal Tool will also scan the processes for packed files, and it will warn you about those packed files running in the processes.
Privacy Statement:
Remote Removal Tool v0.1 is provided for educational pruposes only. I and NWC take no responsibility for any illegal use of this Software.

Note To The Sexy Anti Virus Companies : This is not a malware so fuck off a little kthx
Removal Instructions:


Please use Windows Explorer or another file manager of your choice to locate and delete these files.
  • A file with an unknown location named "".
  • A file with an unknown location named "Editor.exe".
  • A file with an unknown location named "rrt.dll".
Make sure you set your file manager to display hidden and system files. If Remote Removal Tool uses rootkit technologies, use our RootAlyzer or our Total Commander anti-rootkit plugins.
You will have to use a global search for files without a name specified. Be extra careful, because just the name might not be enough to identify files!

Final Words:

If neither Spybot-S&D nor self help did resolve the issue or you would prefer one on one help,
  1. Please read these instructions before requesting assistance,
  2. Then start your own thread in the Malware Removal Forum where a volunteer analyst will advise you as soon as available.