The following instructions have been created to help you to get rid of "Universal Notifier" manually.
Use this guide at your own risk; software should usually be better suited to remove malware, since it is able to look deeper.

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Threat Details:

  • malware

Product enables spying on other users, addon to parasite logger.
Supposed Functionality:
Universal Notifier v1.0 by r3L4x

Use this to add external notification
to any program - just fill out the boxes
with the correct information you want to
recieve and the URL to a compliant script.

The thing that makes UN different, is the
use of local variables. Using this you can
retrieve alot of different info about the
machine the server was executed on.

With a little tweaking, UN can work with
ANY php/cgi script used for notification.
All you need to do is change some of the
variables around - and viola, you have
a better notifier than what is built into
what ever trojan you were using.

But right now, it is customized to work
flawlessly with the Parasite notification
system, by Leeach.

5.5kb packed - C
FWB - Dll injection into explorer
Melt Server
Works on NT based systems and 9x

This software is FREE and OPEN SOURCE!
Visit for the C & Vb source.

Under NT:
Kill Explorer.exe
Remove win32_shell.dll & win_sh_handler.exe from %windir
Remove win32_shell.dll & win_sh_handler.exe from %windir
Remove win_sh_handler key from HKLM\Run

Dont depend on crapy built in notifiers on
trojans any longer!
Removal Instructions:


Please use Windows Explorer or another file manager of your choice to locate and delete these files.
  • A file with an unknown location named "Notifier.exe".
Make sure you set your file manager to display hidden and system files. If Universal Notifier uses rootkit technologies, use our RootAlyzer or our Total Commander anti-rootkit plugins.
You will have to use a global search for files without a name specified. Be extra careful, because just the name might not be enough to identify files!

Final Words:

If neither Spybot-S&D nor self help did resolve the issue or you would prefer one on one help,
  1. Please read these instructions before requesting assistance,
  2. Then start your own thread in the Malware Removal Forum where a volunteer analyst will advise you as soon as available.