The following instructions have been created to help you to get rid of "Padodo-P" manually.
Use this guide at your own risk; software should usually be better suited to remove malware, since it is able to look deeper.

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Threat Details:

  • trojan

Padodo is a trojan spreading via spam mails. These emails are sent with sender "" and they claim that the telephone bills were attached. When the attachments are executed the trojan installs in the Windows folder under the name "csrss.exe" (attention: this is NOT the original Windows file "csrss.exe" in the system32 folder!) and opens ports thus making the computer vulnerable to attacks from the internet.
Removal Instructions:


Please use Windows Explorer or another file manager of your choice to locate and delete these files.
  • The file at "<$FAVORITES>\".
  • The file at "<$FAVORITES>\".
  • The file at "<$WINDIR>\syslg.dll".
  • The file at "<$WINDIR>\csrss.exe".
  • A file with an unknown location named "open.exe".
Make sure you set your file manager to display hidden and system files. If Padodo-P uses rootkit technologies, use our RootAlyzer or our Total Commander anti-rootkit plugins.
You will have to use a global search for files without a name specified. Be extra careful, because just the name might not be enough to identify files!

Final Words:

If neither Spybot-S&D nor self help did resolve the issue or you would prefer one on one help,
  1. Please read these instructions before requesting assistance,
  2. Then start your own thread in the Malware Removal Forum where a volunteer analyst will advise you as soon as available.