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Thread: [Issue 062] immunization problems

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    Unhappy [Issue 062] immunization problems

    I'm having problems with immunization. It was working fine yesterday morning, but I think I got hit with some spyware or malware that does not let me immunize right anymore. At least I think that's the problem. When I click on immunize it tells me that 6292 bad products are blocked and 3470 additional protections possible please immunize. So I click on immunize. Then it says all 9762 products are blocked. I click check again, it goes back to the previous message that only 6292 bad products are actually blocked. On another laptop, I tried it and it was working fine. All 9762 products are blocked, even when I click check again. Not sure what the problem is. Any suggestions.

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    This is a little bug in Spybot - Search & Destroy. The programm tries to immunize other accounts.
    Probably, you do not have the rights to immunize because you are running Spybot-S&D as a normal user and not as admin.
    As a current solution you can try to "Undo" the Immunisation. Now the bad products are allowed.
    Then "Immunize" again. This should solve the problem for now.
    We are about to locate this bug and fix it.
    The fix will be downloadable with our next program upgrade.
    We hope that it will be available soon.

    Some more information is availible in our forum:

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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