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Thread: Slow start

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    Default Slow start

    My laptop is booting a bit slowly. Then, the first application I launch, usually Outlook from quick start, sets off a great deal of hard drive activity that continues for nearly a full minute. I'm concerned that I've been invaded again.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    If you would like someone to take a look at the system please do the following:
    Open SpyBot, check for and get any updates available, close all browsers, check for problems and fix everything found. Then on the toolbar menu select mode and switch to advanced mode, on the left lower down select tools, and view report, ensure all the options are selected near the bottom except (Spybot version 1.4)

    Uncheck[ ] do not report disabled or known legitimate Items,

    Uncheck[ ] Include uninstall list in report.

    Now select (near the top) view report.
    Press export in the save in box choose a place such as your my documents folder, then in your next post near the bottom select the "browse" button; navigate to and attach that report.

    If you have any problems attaching the Spybot log please go ahead and copy paste the log.


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