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Thread: Turn off Spybot S&D

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    Default Turn off Spybot S&D

    I can't seem how to turn off Spybot S&D from starting up automatically when the computer starts. I looked in msconfig and it is not checked on the startup list. I don't see an option to set the program to start automatically when the computer starts. I like this program very much, but the admin who is using it hates the tea timer popups. I thought if she could just use the program to scan as needed, it might work better in her situation. Thanks so much for your help!!

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    Hello Amy. You can always turn of Spybot's Resident Shield (I'm assuming it's that because Spybot the scanning program itself doesn't normally start up ) via Spybot Advanced Mode>Tools>Resident>TeaTimer.

    Untick it to disable it and a reboot should clean it up. TeaTimer (the prompts) will no longer start up.

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    Addition information in this thread:

    If you are interested in stopping TeaTimer (TeaTimer.exe) from executing at system startup, did you follow the instructions posted by drragostea?

    To expand on those instructions:
    • Go into Spybot.
    • Click the "Tools" button (in the left hand pane).
      • If you not see the "Tools" button in the left hand pane click the "Mode" button in the tool bar on the top of the screen and select "Advanced Mode" then answer "Yes" to the Advanced Mode "Warning" dialog.
    • In the Tools facility click the "Resident" button in the left hand pane or double click the "Resident" item in the right hand pane.
    • Under the heading "Resident protection status" you will see:
      • Resident "SDHelper" (Internet Explorer bad download blocker) active.
      • Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of over-all system settings) active.
    • Uncheck:
      • Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of over-all system settings) active.
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