So here I was typing away to a friend on MSN Messenger and up pops along a dialog box saying " has added you as a friend", so I thought this might be someone I know but no it wasn't. He started giving me $hit.... empty threats so I just blocked him and deleted him...

I go on my alternate e-mail address and this time add that id!ot and I think he knew it was me but I just played stupid and he kept saying, I know this is you, I am gonna hack into your account etc. then he said check my e-mail on the last account. So I did and it said something about being a dumbfcuk cause I blocked him then he said I'm gonna hack your account.

Although he didn't delete my contacts (thank God) or talk to anyone of my friends, but he did change my personal messgae from whatever to "I'm well hard EN". I $hit myself. So I changed my password to a really long one temporary then I'll go back to my old one. But the thing is, he knew some things about me, he said I was small, skinny which was right but thats it, nowt else. I really doubt it that he knows me.

Has anybody out there heard of ""?
Anyway of getting him banned?
How did he find my e-mail address (Not through friends)
Is it the last I've heard of him?

(All this happened on Tuesday.) I then just found on Friday that he'd not only hacked into my MSN account but also my Facebook account! I was soooo shocked, [on my Facebook status he put: I am watching some good quality p0rn at [or something] But I thought I'd heard the last of him! So I crap*ed my pants as usual and changed my passwords again and then got told of a KEYBOARD LOGGER, I downloaded ThreatFire (on Tuesday) - and it didn't find a KL. Until when it happened again today, I search Google and I downloaded SNOOP-FREE PRIVACY SHIELD and it had found a KEYBOARD HOOK (x2)! So I clicked RESTRICTED but it still happened after that again! I've used the on-screen keyboard - and still.

Please Help me! Its not a very nice position to be in!

Microsoft Windows XP Pro
1GB Ram
[Not Downloaded anything from the guy but would like to know how he did it]

I have used the following protection before and after this scare:

Before: NOD32, SpyBot Search&Destroy
After: (Tried Windows Live OneCare, Malwarebytes, Spydoctor, AVG, Avast, Super-Anti Spyware, ThreatFire

He sent me a message yesterday via email saying this:

Hello Aakash,

EliteNerd told you that if you bullied us then we would attack your account and brute-force it into it becoming ours. If you would like this to stop then there are alot of stages you have to through.