my pc got infected with this hijack program 1st time i run into this avast reported that there is a virus trying to infect my pc so avast sugested of closing mozilla to prevent infection i did that then later on when i went to clean the temp folders on my pc avast and spybot turns on for a spywere the thing was hiding in my temp folder waiting to be installed as soon as i presed to delete the temp folder it installed 2 files on my pc atmclk.exe & dcomcfg.exe so i ran spybot found a few things but non of those so i fixed what it found then i ran spybot 2 more times found a few things again but not thos 2 to fix so i ran ad-aware it found atmclk.exe and it fixed it but neither ad-aware or spybot could find and remove dcomcfg.exe so i run pc in safe mode and deleted it in safe mode but still its on my pc cuz avast is giving me reports that i have a trojan in my stystem32/1024 folder