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Thread: SB stops ADMINPAK.MSI install

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    Thumbs down SB stops ADMINPAK.MSI install

    I have a 1.7ghz laptop running Win2000 sp4 (fully updated) with Spybot (fully updated). I need the admin tools in ADMINPAK.MSI installed from the Win2000 server CD. When I begin the installation, SB's scan window appears, gives thumbs up and nothing happens, even if I wait 5 minutes.

    Using the task bar icon (by the time readout) I uncheck all the options and caused SB resident to exit. This had no effect, scan window still appears. In Task Manager, the install can't be found on the running aps list. Processes only shows an orphaned SETUP.EXE (0% CPU) and a temporary SDFILES.EXE. I kept Task Manager open to monitor the process on 2 subsequent attempts and didn't see any other file demand CPU time. SETUP starts, 2 seconds later SDFILES takes the CPU and that's all folks. Is there no way to make SB non-res? Must I really uninstall SB to get the admin tools? That would be really annoying!

    Notes: your search says there is no other mention of ADMINPAK in these forums. Avast a-vware is installed and is easy to make non-resident. I suspect all this will happen in XP too.

    Lastly, as I wrote this note I was timed out twice (no notice) by the site in 20 minutes and had to start over from my password. Not nice!!
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    It sounds like the right click context menu "Scan using Spybot-Search&Destroy" feature is being invoked when you are starting the installation. Instead of double clicking on whatever program you are using to start the installation, right click and select "Open".

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