Hello all. Please i need serious and urgent help. Theres this BHO (browser helper object) that was installed on my pc by some sites and just wont delete. It keeps mutating and changing file name each time i reboot the pc.
The file works by trying to redirect me to a site, syserrors.com.
I am getting all sorts of Pop ups and irritating messages from these sites spytrooper.com, spyaxe.com and razespyware.com. In fact i believe these guys installed this thing on my pc to make me buy their software.
I have used all sorts of antispyware to delete this file but it wont delete.
Each time i try deleting, i keep getting the message,file is being used by another programme.
Please how can i get rid of this thing, without formatting my pc. I cant even use my MSN messenger, because of this thing.
Your help is highly needed. thanks