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Thread: Floating Point Error Message, more

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    Hello, A couple of nights ago my computer started acting crazy. Nothing I have tried; live update, AdAware scan, download of Spybot, etc. is working. I can not use the restore point to go back to a safe point. An error message saying I have a "floating point" error comes up in rapid multiple copies when I try to access programs (Solitaire Suite, Spybot). I tried an AdAware scan, but it got stuck at 36 critical events and the only option was to cancel the scan. Advertising popups are appearing, a flashing: "WARNING your computer is infected with trojans, etc. etc. with a black background" has taken over as my desktop background (I am unable to change background via control panel:settings). When I try to log onto my DHL an error message appears saying that it is not recognized, but I can log onto Firefox. Although IE also brings error messages. I was able to open a new user account since the old one was pretty much not functioning, but all I can do is get to the Internet through Firefox and grab my email... anything more than that causes the computer to freeze and reboot is necessary.
    One more thing I keep getting a Symantec Quick scan launch with the results that I have a Trojan (can't recall it's name ..unber?) and that a reboot is necessary, but this is repeated as soon as the reboot is complete.
    I have a Dell desktop about 4 years old. Help, please! Thank you!!!

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    Hello mamacooks

    Please see this next

    Please follow the instructions in the above thread and then start a fresh topic with the logs required.

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