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Thread: Official Rapid Antivirus removal?

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    Default Official Rapid Antivirus removal?


    It's been a while since I've had to do this. Please forgive my rustiness.

    I have a friend who got infected with the "Rapid Antivirus" "client." As has been posted on a million pages throughout the internet, it's a piece of spyware garbage. Now, the problem is, I certainly don't trust any automatic removal tool. When I search the AV forums and here, I get no official answer on this. The only thing I've gotten on any trustworthy forum is directions to and an anti-malware client download. Can I trust that? Anybody look at the code in that thing and know?

    I know how to use HJT, autoruns, and proc exp. I can do that if necessary. My question is, can I avoid going through all those entries by using an auto-removal tool, safely?

    -- Megan

    Okay, nm... I see the problem. I was putting a space in between the words "Rapid" and "Antivirus." This search was coming up with nothing, if you can believe it, on this forum. So, I'm actually going to post this to help people like me. Here's what you need:

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    rather than attempting to remove it manually, get a commercial malware removing application like MBAM to do it for you:

    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM):
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