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Thread: Immunization Problems

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    Default Immunization Problems

    I have some lingering files which cannot be removed. 25611 to be prcise. This is up from a few days ago, when it was 25667.

    Running Windows XP Home, SP3
    McAfee Security Center from MSN
    LavaSoft Ad-Aware AE
    SpyBot S&D (did this with 1.6.0, also)

    I have disabled AdAware and McAfee both, still get the same results. There are 4 user accounts, 2 of the Admin; 2 limited. Also, it shows "default", "administrator", and "guest" for 7 total. Immunization goes up to the 7th account (administrative privileges). There are also S-1-5-19, S-1-5-20, and S-1-5-21-145447~ classes that do not clear.

    I have attached .pdf of screen-shots, if this helps.

    Any other info you need, let me know.

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