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Thread: Anti-spam company folds under pressure

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    Angry Anti-spam company folds under pressure

    This has got to be one of the biggest shames ever that a simple company that wanted to help people out by sending opt out emails on there behave to spammers has had to shut down for fear of bringing massive parts of the net down if the spammers continued there DDOS attack against them. I personally only heard about this company when it was being publicised that they were under attack and decided to sign up to help reduce the amount of spam I received but now it seems that the spammers have won and will fill confident in flooding everyone's email inbox's with more spam than ever. I personally believe that they should keep going and bring down a large section of the net when the spammers continue their DDOS attack that way governments, users and business will see that these thugs have far to much free rein and band together and put and end to this rubbish once and for all.,70913-0.html
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