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Thread: false positive in imunisations *host file block*

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    Exclamation false positive in imunisations *host file block*

    * Operating System Windows vista
    * Browser and Version (any browser)
    * Version of Spybot S&D and Date of the latest update : update 4 feb 2009 SPYBOT VERSION:
    * where did the false positive occur :host's file, spybot immunization updates, firefox, internetexplorer.
    o Scan result n/a
    o after fix n/a
    o Spybot message at start of scan n/a
    o Teatimer message when a program was executed n/a
    o not reachable/restricted website: (porn site)
    o SDHelper popup n/a

    redtube is in no way mall ware/spyware or virus!!!! i even scanned it by *avg* and *avast*to make sure this is a false positive
    *yes the new versions of these scan websites*

    i could not access the website so i checked my hosts file and found it has bean added by spybot. i did a bit of research on google and lots of people have had/have this problem. I removed all my spybot immunization *host* entries using spybot and reloaded them this was successful in getting access to redtube back so i am not sure if this is a existing problem that was not reloaded by immunization for some reason or a problem that has bean dealt with...

    so thanks spybot team if you check this out
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    danielth: was added to the HOSTS file 2008-09-03 and removed 2008-09-17. See:

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    this is a past issue, reimmunizing fixes this.
    It is advised to reimmunize after an update to update the Immunization too.

    Edit: md usa spybot fan was faster ^^
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