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Thread: C:\Windows size is shown as 85GB in WinXP

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    Default C:\Windows size is shown as 85GB in WinXP

    I have Win XP Professional on my Dell Inspiron 1405 Laptop (320GB HDD, 3GB RAM)

    Suddenly C:\Windows directory size is showing as 85GB, but its actual size is 6.65GB only.
    System became very slow because of this. Don't know how this remaining space is being occupied? I enabled 'view hidden files' also.. but its showing as 6.65GB for all files, but overall windows folder size is shown as 85GB..

    D: and E: drives are shown normal..
    I did run spybot and other antispywares & McAfee antivirus softwares etc. but no luck ..

    Please help me..

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    Hello maharshi_k

    Please see this next

    Please follow the instructions in the above thread and then start a fresh topic with the logs required.

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