Yes, actual items but not actually anything to deems malicious or even close.
Yes, I think even your Spybot will not always detect item that deems malicious. Like yours or many other famous anti-virus / anti-spyware programs, we may sometimes has false positive. Would you please tell me the item that not deems malicious or even close? Our technical staff will test it and remove the false positive once confirmed.

I really don't think there is any point of arguing with the evidence is there. Removing something that is legitimate could be removing something crucial.
As I mentioned above, Please tell me detected result which is legitimate. Our Spyware Cease will not allow any existance of known false positive.

Because... it promotes a sense that scares the user. The person will think there's spyware on their machine when in reality they're not.
We never mean to scare our users. If you think there is any place we scare the users, please tell us in details. We will analyze problem and remove it if neccesary.

Thank you