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Even though the computer is old it still has 256 mb of memmory and that's quite good for such an old computer. I have not had any problems now since installing the new version.
Unfortunately, your problem with Windows 98 resources can't be solved no matter how much memory you add, it's a design limitation of that outdated and unsupported (by Microsoft and everyone but Spybot S&D) operating system.

The problem isn't the amount of RAM, you could have multiple Gigs and Windows 98 still couldn't use it. The limitation is related to the User and GDI portions of memory and the fact that these have a hard limit that doesn't change no matter how much RAM you add.

Resource Management Under Microsoft Windows

The reason that Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6.2 has less issues with these memory areas are changes made to the program to reduce the effects. Since Patrick Kolla the programmer of Spybot S&D wishes to continue support for the older Win9x operating systems, he specifically made design changes to reduce the drain on these critical memory resources in the current version.

However, regardless of this fact, it's still dangerous to continue using an operating system that no longer receives any support from the original manufacturer, since it hasn't received any security or other updates in at least three years now.