Hello all,

Here is my issue. I have a very clean running machine for the last 2 years. Ther other day I was having an issue with Comcast and against my better judgement I installed their IE toolbar, per the support guy. Mistake. I have unistalled it, but now when I select and item from a google search my browser takes me to a marketing site.

My next revelation was that I needed Spybot, but when I tried to get it I found that my computer is not letting me get to the Spybot web site. It re-routes me to another site. Even if I cut the address from the searches and paste it into the address bar(which works as a work-around for all other sites). I then logged on with my laptop and downloaded the install file and put it on my desktop with a flash drive. I get through the install screens and when I hit the last button to install I get an error. 'Error Sending Request. The server name or address cannot be resolved'

I also think my Trend Micro is being stopped from updating itself. Is there anything I can do to get Spybot on and working?

Thanks for any help.