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Thread: Cannot even reach the Spybot Site and more

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    Default Cannot even reach the Spybot Site and more

    Hello all,

    Here is my issue. I have a very clean running machine for the last 2 years. Ther other day I was having an issue with Comcast and against my better judgement I installed their IE toolbar, per the support guy. Mistake. I have unistalled it, but now when I select and item from a google search my browser takes me to a marketing site.

    My next revelation was that I needed Spybot, but when I tried to get it I found that my computer is not letting me get to the Spybot web site. It re-routes me to another site. Even if I cut the address from the searches and paste it into the address bar(which works as a work-around for all other sites). I then logged on with my laptop and downloaded the install file and put it on my desktop with a flash drive. I get through the install screens and when I hit the last button to install I get an error. 'Error Sending Request. The server name or address cannot be resolved'

    I also think my Trend Micro is being stopped from updating itself. Is there anything I can do to get Spybot on and working?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Just a quick suggestion. The default Spybot install options include a selection box to force a download of new updates - which would no doubt fail with a Server related error, due to your current problems.

    Deselect this option (take the tick out of the box - I think it is called "Download Updates Immediately") and retry the install. If you have further problems try installing in safe mode.

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    As DougCuk indicated, try skipping the attempt to update during the installation and update after the installation, making sure that you authorize program SDUpdate.exe to access the internet via your firewall.

    Please read my suggestion in post #5 of this thread:

    If you still can't update, download and execute spybotsd_includes.exe to update the detection files. Go to this web page:

    Download this item:

    For the spybotsd_includes.exe program, you could try this link for the download from the affected system:

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