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    I followed the directions found in one of the posts to do a "DIY" fix of the problem. I started to follow the directions regarding posting the log files, but it would take 15 threads because of length. Any other suggestions, or should I proceed with the numerous threads.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Hello Keith and welcome to the forum. SpyFalcon is part of the Smitfraud infection. If you followed this fix: which is the correct one, then you will have three logs:
    c:\rapport.txt, Ewido log, and The HJT log. I need to see the first and the HJT log intact and neither should be long. The ewido scan can be lengthy if a lot of cookies were being stored on your computer. You may edit out any cookies before you post, you may also edit out any reference to System Restore or System Information because we will be purging those before we finish anyway.

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    As the information requested has not been provided, this topic has been archived.

    If you need it re-opened please send me a pm and provide a link to the thread.

    Applies only to the original topic starter.
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