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Thread: Comodo Internet Security: Spybot S&D = Malware

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    Default Comodo Internet Security: Spybot S&D = Malware

    The new version of Comodo Internet Security (replacing former standalone products Comodo AV and Comodo Firewall) 3.8.64263.468 (released 12th Feb, 2009) considers (some of) Spybot S&D malware.

    The newly introduced malware detection heuristics (well, it's just 2009) seem to fail when scanning Spybot S&D installations, considering several of its files malware:

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\BZKOVGFROTRTJHJS.scr

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\is-O6COJ.tmp

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\LQWHUINDCOQRMRV.scr

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\LGLGSNPOCHEBYDSIM.scr

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\OFFUMEHQRKGULLFIN.scr

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\SDUpdate.exe

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\SpybotSD.exe

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\TeaTimer.exe

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\UHCRQE.scr

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\WKHFQJIBDGRNBER.scr

    Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\TeaTimer.exe

    Note that I have run a complete system scan with a heuristics detection setting of 'high'. I am not aware of how the results would have been with the default setting of 'medium'.

    I am aware that this is not a bug in Spyware S&D, I'm just sending this as a notice.

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    Actually I just tried again with the default of 'medium' detection rate for heuristics and nothing is found in this case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mnaumann View Post
    Actually I just tried again with the default of 'medium' detection rate for heuristics and nothing is found in this case.
    The new version of CIS, which the antivirus module now has heuristic detection, reports many FPs.

    Perhaps, you should consider to report them to COMODO, so they can take care of it.


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    I've reported it to their tech support personal via chat since I'm lazy to create forum accounts for every whatever software I use just to report bugs. This had almost happened here, too.

    I'm not sure whether my report will have any impact (but it's not my fault).

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