The new version of Comodo Internet Security (replacing former standalone products Comodo AV and Comodo Firewall) 3.8.64263.468 (released 12th Feb, 2009) considers (some of) Spybot S&D malware.

The newly introduced malware detection heuristics (well, it's just 2009) seem to fail when scanning Spybot S&D installations, considering several of its files malware:

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\BZKOVGFROTRTJHJS.scr

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\is-O6COJ.tmp

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\LQWHUINDCOQRMRV.scr

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\LGLGSNPOCHEBYDSIM.scr

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\OFFUMEHQRKGULLFIN.scr

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\SDUpdate.exe

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\SpybotSD.exe

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\TeaTimer.exe

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\UHCRQE.scr

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\WKHFQJIBDGRNBER.scr

Heur.Suspicious.Attribs C:\Programme\Spybot\TeaTimer.exe

Note that I have run a complete system scan with a heuristics detection setting of 'high'. I am not aware of how the results would have been with the default setting of 'medium'.

I am aware that this is not a bug in Spyware S&D, I'm just sending this as a notice.