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Thread: DoctusOnar (Malware removal program)

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    Default DoctusOnar (Malware removal program)

    Hello all
    Like 3 weeks ago I have started making a malware removal program. It has been used and tested a lot in Turkey and now with the new version 1.5.0 I have added English language support to the program. The name of my program is DoctusOnar. "Doctus" is the name of our Turkish pc security site and "Onar" means repair
    I can't say that my program is a very strong one. But at least it is able to remove common malware espacially the ones spreading widely in Turkey. Also it has some other functions like removing temp files, or returning the hosts file to its default settings. Also it repairs damages caused by malwares. Damages like the autorun errors, or being unable to show the hidden files.
    Well, I am a computer science student in a university in Turkey. I am first grade so I can say that I am new to programming Therefore it is not a super program but at least it is made for good purposes and if it can help some people solve their malware problems I would be happy.
    To use the malware removel function you should also download the veritabani.txt file with the program and the veritabani.txt file should be in the same directory with the program. BTW veritabani means database

    You can download the program from here:
    You can download the latest database from here:

    Btw you can send your requests, suggestions or request to doctusonar(at)
    DOCTUS.ORG Turkish security forum

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    Hi dj.turkmaster,

    I had a couple of minutes spare so I thought I'd give your program a go on an old xp machine. Unfortunately it did take more than a 'couple of minutes' to actually get the program (and the database!), mainly due to the fact I do not know a single word of Turkish other than "Onar" and "veritabani" (as taught by you! "You learn something new everyday", eh)

    With thanks to Google translate I managed to register, although it took many blind guesses and "hmm, what does 'Ulu Índerimiz Kimdir' mean?"s to get the NoSpam! question right! (Google doesn't like to translate the important bits!)

    Anyway, I finally got the program and ran it - pretty nice, haven't really played around with it much though since most of my time was used up getting the pesky thing. Obviously this isn't a polished piece of software (many spelling mistakes and words being cut in half off the console window), but I think it is way better than anything that I can do (which is not much more than having users being barraged with endless "Hello World" messages followed promptly by an overload of calls to the IT department).

    Good luck developing this tool!

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    Hello dj.turkmaster,

    As you have provided your email address anyone who wishes to give feedback can contact you directly.

    This site being for Spybot-S&D support, we cannot field questions, problems and so forth for another's software or tools. Welcome to the Tavern

    Certainly your effort to help users is a good thing and I wish you good luck with your programming.

    Best regards.
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