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    I am running AOL 9 VR broadband.Today when i went to search i had this try & take over my search.
    Any ideas what it is.I close it & go back to AOL search bar but it is annoying as it pops up.I do not want it stealing my online details.Malwarebytes anti spyware found nothing on a scan & i cleared my AOL & Internet explorer cache etc so unsure what else to do.

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    The page you linked can't be seen from my browser.

    The more I searched the more confused I got,I'll spare you the details.Is it an aol popup that looks like Google,or tries to take you to Google?
    If so,try this:
    Or perhaps this to get rid of it:

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    This AOL popup is a new 'enhanced' search option available to AOL members. It is only visible to AOL memebers looging inthrough their ISP NOT through other IE options such as firefox IE7. It therefore only affects AOL UK users and is a CPW (carphone warehouse) option to track serches. AOL help deask advise the following:

    With reference to your email, I would like to inform you that AOL has introduced this search page as a new feature, so that members can search directly with the help of this page, if they (members) want to search any information for the same after the suggestions given by the AOL members.
    We value the feedbacks given by you. As you mentioned that you did not like it, we will certainly take that into consideration.
    However, you need not to worry about anything, it is a genuine search page.
    I thank you in advance for your patience in this matter.
    We love to keep our members issue free and feel proud to serve our members with the utmost. However, as you can understand that AOL introduced new features time to time, so that if member likes the features we can proceed further or else we can stop it.

    It is not possible to block the popup. The only solution is to enter your AOL email from a browse like firefox. THis eliminates you from having to suffer the new AOL 'improved search' facility!
    Please contact AOL help desk and advise them of your opinion.

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