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Thread: Spyware Protect 2009

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    Unhappy Spyware Protect 2009

    Moving from another thread which was in the wrong forum.

    I got infected by Spyware Protect 2009 (SP9).
    Tried to run Spybot, but SP9 had corrupted Spybot.
    (I hadn't seen this forum, so didn't know that it might be best
    to ask before trying to clean it myself).

    Uninstalled all of my anti spyware (e.g Spybot, HiJackThis, etc.)
    Reinstalled... still bad.

    Found directions to manually remove SP9.
    Followed directions.
    Reinstalled Spybot & HJT.
    Still can't run Spybot & HJT.

    Ran McAffee from a CDRom. It removed a bunch of stuff.
    Still can't run Spybot & HJT.
    Someone suggested try renaming HJT and run.

    Then I couldn't even boot up - the power shut down part way through
    boot up... but at a different point in the boot sequence each time.

    I started noticing it might be failing sooner with each attempt, especially
    after longer shutdown (cool down) periods.
    Began to suspect overheating or a bad connection.
    Opened CPU box, cleaned cooling fans & fins, unplugged & replugged
    ALL connections (disk drives, mother board, RAM memory cards, etc.)

    That solved the boot failures.

    Still need to rename and try to run HiJackThis.

    I'll come back when I get a HJT log to post. here.

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    In case anyone is interested, the URL which infected my PC was:

    I was looking for an image to use as album art on my Zune and one of
    the Google image search results sent me there.

    I wish our government would spend some time and money outlawing and
    prosecuting the perpetrators of malware instead of stupid regulations
    like requiring adults to wear bicycle helmets and other measures to
    protect us from ourselves.

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