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Thread: !!!TeaTimer takes more than 80 MB of RAM!!!

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    Well, if one Resident Shield from an anti-spyware program consumed this much amount of memory, and then there was a rule that all other anti-spyware Resident Shields had to restrict their Resident Shield's memory usage to that amount, it wouldn't be very fun would it since it might mean a drastic reduction in program functionality and potential.

    I'm sure 80MB shouldn't be a problem since you have Windows Vista, which usually provides you with at least 1-4 GBs of RAM. I have 512MB of RAM on Windows XP and TeaTimer runs with no problems. Don't see how it may be a problem with Vista.

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    Default The Tea-Timer RAM usage

    The Tea-Timer RAM usage on my computer is way above the values the other have reported here..
    It is freaking 113 MB and I only have 1 GB RAM, the firefox eats one third of that already!

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    When the computer is running for a long time without a standby, reboot, or shutdown memory consumption of a (refers to any) can slightly increase.

    It's taking that much because TeaTimer is a Resident Shield that actively protects you from malware. I would suggest you reboot and see how it goes. Usually TeaTimer will take up 35-50MB of RAM. Seeing that modern PCs built today have more RAM and resources, 80MB should be nothing.

    If this does not help you can disable TeaTimer as follows:
    - Go into Spybot - Mode - Advanced Mode - Tools - Resident.
    - Uncheck the following: Resident "TeaTimer" (Protection of over-all system settings) Active.

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