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Thread: installing spybot

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    Default installing spybot

    can you install spybot without having an internet connection, 1.3 use to but 1.62 does not.

    my problem is i had a dns changer virus infected a machine that was not protected, virus is killed now, but all the settings in registry and elsewhere for DNS remains, so cant install cause spybot installer wants to contect to internet, which i cant do.
    i have scan regisrty etc for ip, but they keep coming back, latest macafee vius s/w installed now

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    If you don't have an internet connection, then you don't really need Spybot at all. All you would really need is a virus scanner to scan the files you copy onto your computer from other people.

    Spyware is only functional if you have internet access as it takes your personal information and sends it to some evil person at the other end. So if you don't have an internet connection, that will never happen.

    The only threat that spyware could possibly pose to you would be to degrade the performance of your PC. However, if you don't use a browser, then there is no way that spyware could even be installed on your system. It would just be, at worst, a dead file sitting on your hard drive. Something has to invoke/execute a spyware program in order for it to become active. So if you don't access a source, such as a browser, to do that, it will never get executed.

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    Lightbulb yes you can

    Quote Originally Posted by mr_blonde View Post
    can you install spybot without having an internet connection, 1.3 use to but 1.62 does not....
    To install spybot without a internet connection, do the following:

    During the install process there is an option to uncheck download updates immediately. Uncheck that and then click install. You will then be able to install spybot without a Internet connection. You will need to download the definition files manually however, which can be downloaded here.

    I hope that helps.

    @ Super-Chief

    While I do agree with your statement somewhat; I also think you miss a very important factor. Any storage media, such as thumb drives, cd's, etc. Can pose a risk to your computer. Just because the computer is not on the Internet does not mean it is safe.

    Also, mr_blonde stated he was on the Internet before, but due to his machine infected he got off the Internet. It would be a bad idea to let a infected machine stay on the Internet during the cleaning procedure. This is because new infections can download as the old ones are being removed.

    @ mr_blonde

    If you need further assistance is removing the infection, please post in the malware removal forums. Please read these directions before posting a new thread. Thank you, and good luck. Let us know if you require any more assistance.
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    Hi mr_blonde,

    to Safer Networking Forums.

    I would like you to read Installation without Internet access.
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