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    Here's an updated version of the spybot plug-in for pebuilder. pebuilder is a windows xp live cd which allows you to run spybot and many more applications in memory. This is great for pc's that have been cluttered with viruses or computers that wont start due to malware. If you dont want to go through the process of creating the bootable disc or have no clue how to use the plug-in give me some replies and ill upload a boot disc which loads spybot. (if thats cool with the spybot team. Also for the spybot team the plugin you guys have up for download doesn't work with the current setup. Feel free to use mine . This is a must have for system admins and tech's.

    note:The plugin comes with the latest spybot setup


    Well I apologize but I wont be able to upload the boot disc since ill be violating the terms and conditions :(

    Here's a link on how to build one
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