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Thread: 3 Bugs & Repairs...

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    Talking 3 Bugs & Repairs...

    Bug #1.
    When you right click on a file to scan with Spybot it doesn't read:

    "Scan using Spybot - Search & Destory".

    Bug #1 can be repaired using the following thumbnail "Spybot 1" as your reference:

    Bug #2.
    When you are using Internet Explorer (7 or 8) - from the Tools Menu drop-down - it doesn't read: "Spybot - Search & Destory Configuration".

    Bug #2 can be repaired using my attached screen shot: "Spybot 2" as your reference.

    Bug #3.
    When having Spybot opened, repair it so that all columns automatically adjust throughout the program, including the update dialog box - anywhere where there is columns of information, they need to be able to automatically adjust by themselves so that the user does not have to do it manually.

    Also, add a little space between the colums or make it extra wide but within the page so that all the columns are easier to read and the text isn't all bunched up or cluttered up.

    Keep it so that you don't have to scroll to the left or right or up and down - keep all revelant information on one page for easy viewing.

    Bug #3 can be repaired using my attached screen shots: "Spybot 3" and "Spybot 4" as your references.

    To repair Bug #1 and Bug #2 -
    These are simply Registry edits that need to be made permanent - you need to add an additional "&" and a space to the line as seen in my attached screen shots: "Spybot 5" and Spybot 6".

    Bug #3 is an internal .exe edit - you are going to have to handle that one.

    I would like to see these fixes rolled up and put together for everyone with next week's Wednesday's updates, if possible.


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