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Thread: Is the joke on us .. ???

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    Cool Is the joke on us .. ???

    I keep hearing about this april fools day virus .. Anybody else heer about this .. is there something extra we need to protect our pc's with .. and I was wondering .. whats this windows 7 .. ??? ..

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    A Google search with the term "april fools day virus" gave me this link:
    It seems like it has to do with the Conficker/Downadup trojan. Scary stuff .

    Windows 7 is the next operating system that Microsoft is developing, it should come out soon maybe in late 2009 or this summer. Some people call it "Vista 2.0" since there were many complaints about Vista.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drragostea View Post
    ... since there were many complaints about Vista.
    Often by people who had never installed it.

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    Lightbulb I have messed with vista

    And boy, what a mess. I think it is one of those operating systems that is a hit or miss. Clearly, Vista is a miss. It was criticized mostly for its huge system requirements, and in most cases was slower then XP on the same hardware. In my opinion, Vista was rushed out the door. The only time I have seen Vista work flawlessly was on a very powerful machine. It seems like as long as you have a good spec system, it will run just fine. However, most users don't have high end machines. And this is why windows 7 is going to shine. It works on both amazing and average hardware; flawlessly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 129260 View Post
    And this is why windows 7 is going to shine.
    If UAC stays broken... i don't think so.

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    Lightbulb true

    But Uac works perfectly fine for me. I like the fact I can customize how I want to be notified in windows 7, etc. I have Uac on its highest setting, and it doesn't bother me to much. But I see your point. I wouldn't go so far to call it broken though. Users do not want to be annoyed, its there choice. The problem with making something like windows is, if the people want something, or don't want something, you have to listen. You can't "ignore" your customers without expecting to loose them. It's just the way things are. People do not want to be bothered, they just want things dead simple. Problem is, how to provide security in a simple environment. That is the real question. If you want things dead simple, switch to mac or ubuntu. (After you set up ubuntu for them its simple haha.) Of course, wherever the majority of people go, that is the operating system that is going to be attacked, and well; have a ton of problems. I don't blame Microsoft, I blame the users. Most users just turned Uac off because they could not ether:

    1.) Understand them

    2.) didn't want to be bothered every time they try to do something.

    I like UAC, but most people do not. And Microsoft had to change the way they do things. Even though Before it was much better.

    Also, while I think about it; I also think that the people that make programs were to blame as well. Publishers knew most people run with administrative privileges, so they became lazy and only developed programs that worked under those admin rights. This is why Microsoft created Uac. To force publishers to fix there programs from always needing admin rights, especially when there was no need for them to have it it the first place.

    Similar article I read found here.
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