Vista has both it's good and bads. Microsoft maybe tried too hard when they try to stabilize the good looks, performance, and stability at the same time. In the end, Vista wasn't as fruitful as Microsoft thought (in my opinion). I'll have to agree with 129260 that Vista might lag on less resourceful PCs but it does run smoothly on a high end machine. And not everyone can get a good machine just like that (we all try to make the best of what we have).

Vista might have the positive side when it comes to the latest hardware and games because I think Microsoft tried to make Vista optimal for gamers and graphic designers. Or maybe they overlooked the fact that people might play around with Vista and use old hardware programs, thus creating a mess and problem.

Vista (another bad thing is that there are so many versions of it) probably putting too much emphasis on Aero, the good looks, gadgets, and entertainment. It'll make slower systems choke and lag. I guess they tried to resolve that by giving users to disable the good looks.

Microsoft's problem, to me, is that they might all assume that when people upgrade they'll have a modern computer with modern hardware. Meaning it's support for some machines aren't flexible. Maybe you'll have half a million people that are still using Windows 2000 Profession or even Windows 98-ME who can't upgrade to Vista. That's half a million customers lost with a bad first impression.

I can't say the Windows 7 is the "best" OS that Windows has created so far but it sure can be a great improvement. I'll have to say it won't be the 'best' because when you think about it, there'll always be people that'll put countless hours to share hacks, mods, tweaks, and system exploits with the community.
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If UAC stays broken... i don't think so.
I also read in an article that UAC can always be manupulated by malware so the prompt settings will be set to minimum and the malware can abuse the administrative rights and drill down to the system even further.

Switch to a Mac ! : D
PS: OpenDNS seems to offer protection to an extent against phising sites and against the Conficker/DownadUp malware.