I run Windows XP Home SP3, with IE7 and Firefox for browsers and AVG Free for antivirus. Recently, a friend removed a virus from my system; since then, I've had trouble with immunization, Specifically, four entries in the "Internet Explorer 32/64 Bit" section show items that Spybot cannot immunize. The items are as follows:
Administrator (computer ID) Cookies 193 unprot, 0 prot, 193 total
Administrator (computer ID) Domains 10502 unprot, 0 prot, 10502 total
Administrator (computer ID) IPs 36 unprot, 0 prot, 36 total
Administrator (computer ID) Secure Domains 10502 unprot, 0 prot, 10502 total
I've tried running Spybot as Administrator, but I get this message: "The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it." I checked the services but could find nothing that appeared to need to be restarted. Per another post in the Forum, I uninstalled and completely deleted Spybot, then cleaned out the Registry using CCleaner, then downloaded and reinstalled Spybot; there was no change. I've cleaned out the AVG Virus Vault, but to no avail. I've seen several posts in the Forum about problems with Firefox entries, but nothing helpful about IE7. Do you have any suggestions about things to try, either about the immunization process in general (I close all browsers before immunizing, as recommended), or about this message in particular?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.