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Thread: Tea Timer.exe slowing start-up

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    I agree - it's crazy resource HOG at start-up! Takes forever to quiet down.

    That's why I am here. I searched for a solution on Google and found this thread.

    I tried going into advanced settings, but there is nothing in there that would modify this start-up task - at least not that I found/understand.

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    Thumbs up Thanks for the info -- I was wondering WHY!

    I've got a run of the mill Core2Duo with 2 gigs of memory and noticed that TeaTimer was really busy at startup too. It hogs about half my CPU time for about 3 minutes or so when I start up. I was just curious as to what it was doing during that time. However it doesn't appear to have a noticeable detrimental effect on my ability to load or use other applications, so for the protection I feel it provides those 3 minutes are well worth it. Thanks for all the info and for the product too!

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