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Thread: URGENT Help Needed! Weird Problem...

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    Default URGENT Help Needed! Weird Problem...

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here so bear with me if my prob is common.

    I have a problem that is very similar to the one posted here:

    I tried the suggested solution above, but found no ALTNET registry key present.

    I'm using Windows XP SP2. It all started when I tried to install excel and office programs... many of which refused to install and gave me this message: error accessing olr registry (or something along the lines)... bottom line is that I learned that I need to login as admin or give admin privileges to my username. So I went to the regedit and gave my username full privileges as in write/edit...etc. for all of the keys there.

    Although I failed in installing the office programs again, I didn't notice any problem for the rest of the day. It only showed up when I turned off my pc and turned it on the next morning.

    It took so long for it to start and for the programs and shortcuts to get populated at the desktop. Then I noticed it takes too long to access folders.. internet browsers are another thing... they freeze for a lil bit but then run smoothly. Both firefox and explorer.

    Another problem is that I find difficulty clicking on the windows at the bottom of the browers/toolbar. I find it easier to call each window by using the task manager, and "bringing it to front".

    As I said, browsing the net is no prob. Opening up folders and browsing other computer directories are, however, another thing. Kindda impossible to do. So I did a full virus scan with kaspersky 2009... found few viruses and trojans, that I neutralized. Did a second scan and everything was fine.

    Downloaded a registry fixer, and ran a quick scan. Found some errors and fixed them. But the problem still persists. Downloaded a couple spyware removers and scanned in both safe mode and normal mode. Still no use.

    No matter what I do, the problem still persists. My computer is clean now as reported by like 4-5 different anti-viruses and anti spywares / malwares. So maybe it is something else.

    This is affecting me very badly, as I have lots of work to do that got delayed because of this. Would really appreciate any kind of help.


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    Hello Mystery777,

    This is the malware removal forum and the procedure is here:
    "BEFORE you POST"(READ this Procedure BEFORE Requesting Assistance)

    Do you need a tech forum, if so we can provide a link.

    Edit: I see you already have a topic:

    Best regards.
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