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Thread: Could not delete file (yet)!

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    Default Could not delete file (yet)!

    I installed Windows XP Pro on my laptop and Spybot S&D came up with Bredolab.B trojan. Googling that got me to this page. I then downloaded Rootalyzer to try to remove the str.sys file that RootAlyzer found, but it comes up with Could not delete file (yet)! I cannot find any other information about deleting the file.

    I'm getting close to erasing the drive and starting fresh.

    Any advice on removing str.sys file before taking this step?

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    I'll add a 0.3.4 release to the RootAlyzer download page later today. Next to using Win32 and native file removal routines, it'll use few of the standard unloading/terminating/unhooking procedures Spybot-S&D uses to get rid of files, and will queue for removal on reboot as well in case of impossible removal.
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