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Thread: Morpheus Toolbar & imapi.exe

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    Default Morpheus Toolbar & imapi.exe

    I recently had a warning for Morpheus Toolbar & imapi.exe.

    Found this in teatimer's logs:

    4/16/2009 11:27:04 AM Encountered and terminated MorpheusToolbar in C:\WINDOWS\system32\imapi.exe!
    OK, so what's going on?

    Never heard of Morpheus Toolbar, definately didn't install it. "imapi.exe" is suppose to be part of Windows.

    If this is some sort of infection, anyone know how it got there.
    I use Chrome and sometimes Firefox with NoScript+adblock. Have always been very careful.

    Did a full scan with spybot. All I got was the usual cookies.

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    Hello saltnpepper,

    So that someone can double check, please follow the instructions here: How to report False Positives

    Best regards.
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    So I suppose it was just a glitch.

    Haven't had any other new warnings since yesterday.
    And the full scan turned up nothing.

    Maybe it's one of those rare cosmic ray flipping bits things.
    Or my hardware is failing.

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