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Thread: Spybot S&D won't run

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    Default Spybot S&D won't run

    So I downloaded spybot S&D because i couldn't run malwarebytes because of malware that i already had, but spybot wouldn't run either. i then found out that if i renamed MWB then it would run, which worked and got rid of that problem, but i noticed that my results were being redirected after clicking on the links, which i want to fix. I couldn;t run spybot, so i redownloaded and installed it after uninstalling and restarting my computer. Well, i had the little icon in the bottom right hand corner of my screen that said it was running, but when i double clicked on the ison on the desktop, or on SDMain in the program folder, Spybot wouldn't run. so then i renamed SDMain thinking that this would work. well, needless to say, it didn't, the only difference was i would get a vlack box that would pop up for a second and then disappear. I also have the problem that now my printer "won't communicate" with my computer when i try to print, although it is perfectly fine when i check on it in the control panel. All of these problems seem to be in accordance with each other, and i need some serious help with this crap.

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    Consider posting in the Malware Removal forum and having someone take a look at your system. If you decide to have an experienced malware removal specialist assist you, please follow the procedure in this link to run scans and produce a HijackThis log:
    After you have completed the required scans and produced the requested logs, start your own thread in the Malware Removal forum, making sure to post the HijackThis log produced from the above instructions.

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