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Thread: Need help with McAfee and Spybot

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    Question Need help with McAfee and Spybot

    I am trying to install McAfee on my system cuz I get it free with Comcast. It is telling me I need to uninstall Spybot first, I have uninstalled it, removed all files I can find that are associated with it, restarted the computer several times and I am still getting the same error.

    Does anyone know what file I may be missing that would cause this problem, or does anyone have a suggestion. I love Spybot and plan to reinstall it after I get Mcafee on my system, but for now I have to get McAfee on there before anything else

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    Hi there,

    Please see these topics:

    Just a few of the ones in this forum regarding Mcafee.

    best regards.
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    Default Thank you

    I think I am going to use one of the many options I have seen elsewhere in this forum and stay away from McAfee, they sound like a Joke.

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