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Thread: Internet Explorer using Proxy??

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    Default Internet Explorer using Proxy??

    I got this message when I installed Spybot. I have AVG and the reason I installed Spybot is because I have a really good experience with the program and the support forums on another computer. On this one, I have never had it but lately, it keeps kicking me off of everything -- even while writing an mail in GMail, it keeps kicking me right out of GMail...logged out and everything. I actually have to log back in! So I installed Spybot, but got a message upon installation asking me if I wanted to use the "proxy" that it detected Windows Internet Explorer is using. I clicked the box, "Use this proxy" because I was afraid it wouldn't work otherwise, but I am wondering....could this be the problem? Is this the result of some hijacking?

    Thanks for all help!

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    Default Really not sure if my post was posted...

    Anyway, I'm having several problems.

    1) my backbutton often doesn't work.
    2) I keep getting kicked out of various sites. I was even kicked out of GMail several times in the middle of writing an email. Just kicked out of it entirely...logged out and everything.

    Because of this, I downloaded Spybot. On installation, I noticed a box that said that Spybot has detected my Windows Internet Explorer is using a proxy and asked me to click a box if I want to use that proxy. The box was blank, but I clicked "use this proxy" anyway. I was afraid it wouldn't work if I didn't. could this be the problem?

    Also, how do I see my post?

    Thanks for all help and sorry for awkward usage.
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    Hello dancingqueen,

    Did Spybot-S&D run sucessfully and if so what was the result of the scan?

    Also please let us know your operating system, version of Internet Explorer, and if you have a firewall.

    Best regards.
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