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Thread: EBlaster false positve?

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    Default Thanks to Team Spybot

    Thanks to Team Spybot and the forum members who replied, all is well following the very latest update.

    Russell C try the latest update and see how you go.

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    Default EBlaster false positive?

    Hi oldwolfe, thanks for the suggestion.
    I am pretty sure that prior to the scan I had updated Spybot, and received a message that there was no later update available. Also I have deleted the offending documents so now I have nothing to scan.
    I had perhaps better make another post on another forum about false positives.
    Thanks for the help though.
    I was once advised, by a very savvy person, to google any malware before deleting it, and checking in with this forum would have been a good idea. Back when I was using AVG anti spyware (in the good old days when you could use their anti spyware on its own) I ran a scan with another AV app (one I didn't use usually but someone suggested it to solve some sort of problem I was having at the time). This identified a file AVG used to use for "benchmarking" as malware. I deleted it, then I googled, and found I had to reinstall AVG.
    So it is good to check first.

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